About Us





I Mr.Deepak Kanani the Chairman & CEO of Dazzy Food Industries had started distribution business of confectionary into the year of 1995 from Baroda- Gujarat. I am duly supported by my highly efficient two brothers Mr.Tushar Kanani & Mr.Ashok Kanani.

From the day one my motive was to sustain and grow gradually into the market with one strategy and that was “To Deliver the Best’.

Eventually by putting all worthy efforts, I have established myself & my company’s business into the Confectionary Trading Market of Gujarat.

With wide exposure, deep understanding and insight of this business I thought of starting my own production house. This dream came true in the year 2002. I named the Company ‘Dazzy Food Industries’. Starting from the literal production of Lolly-Pop, gradually Dazzy Food Industries entered into many more other products. This basket includes Chocolates, Hard Boil Candy, Center-Filled Candy, Toffees &  Eclairs.

The Unanimous Moto of all these companies was to expand Horizontally & Vertically. Horizontal growth includes enhancement & improvement of qualitative product. Vertical growth mentioning to deep penetration of company’s product into each corner of emerging markets of India.

My main aim is to bring a lot of new innovations into the field of confectionaries. Keeping that aim in mind, we started developing a totally new & different range of Products & Packaging which became an instant bestseller into the market from the day one. Today, we are the only company which makes this kind of Product & Packaging. It is our best selling product since last 3 years.

Today ‘Dazzy’ has become an ‘Eloquent’ brand. Currently our business network is having widespread pan India and growing further exponentially.